Fix Broken Beatport MP3 Downloads in Serato

It kinda be like that...

If you're experiencing a problem with Serato DJ, where MP3s purchased on Beatport cannot seem to save key, BPM, or track analyses and overviews, then perhaps a tool that I have written might help!

Check out MP3TagRebuilder, a simple Python script I wrote to address this issue with my own DJ library!

This tool addresses an issue I've been encountering somewhat frequently over the last few years, where my Beatport music purchases have a weird glitch in Serato where overviews and tag data won't save, even after using the "Analyze" feature. The only solution I have found, even after writing Serato support, is to rebuild the MP3 files' ID3 tags destructively.

However, every program that I know of that does this ends up dropping important tags, such as Album Art, because none of them provide a direct pathway to simply destroying the ID3 tags and then rebuilding them with a new datastructure; most of them only seem to support converting from ID3v2 to ID3v1 and back again. So I wrote my own!

If you are encountering this issue and are feeling bold enough to test my code on your own library (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP AND TEST IT!!!!), head on over to Github and check it out!

You will need a working Python environment and must be comfortable with a command prompt. Instructions for running this tool are included in, and instructions for installing Python can be found here.

Get it from Github here:

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